Who's watching your Magento store when you're not?

Shoppimon simulates live users visiting your store, searching, buying, checking out. We will tell you if your Magento store is slow or if your customers can't make a purchase.

Visits to Magento stores by Shoppimon robots in the past week
Errors found by Shoppimon robots in the past week
Instances of exceptionally slow performance detected by Shoppimon robots in the past week
Percentage of shoppers who will buy someplace else if your site is too slow

Let the Shoppimon robots check your Magento store

Ridiculously simple. No scripting, no changes to Magento, no sysadmins.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
1. Enter your Magento store URL
2. Shoppimon robots start visiting your store simulating real users
3. You get instant alerts to errors and unusually slow response times
4. See how you stack up against other Magento stores