Magento Security Patches: The Basics You Need to Keep Your Business Safe

Magento may be an eCommerce favorite around the world, but even with its great features and regular updates, Magento security can still find itself vulnerable to ever-evolving cyber-attacks. Luckily for those that use it, Magento has a great team of technicians and an active community of techies who are constantly on the lookout for the newest developments in malware and other threats to eStore security. In fact, the community is so determined to stay on top of security threats that reporting a new security bug in the Magento system can result in a cash reward. Protecting your eStore with Magento Security Patches Magento is regularly looking for ways to improve its platform’s security to keep both retailers and consumers safe. Those Read more »

eCommerce Trends 2016: What Every Online Retailer Needs to Know

The digital industry is constantly evolving and there seem to be new eCommerce trends emerging every week. But which trends are simply passing fads and which ones will reinvigorate your business? Since January is the perfect time to start implementing new practices to boost conversions and improve customer experience, we decided to help you get ahead of your competitors by compiling a list of the top emerging trends that are bound to take eCommerce by storm through 2016. Top eCommerce Trends for 2016 #1: Exit-intent technology Finding ways to convert visitors is the main priority for retailers, allowing them to get a respectable ROI from the money they’ve spent driving traffic to their website. One conversion method that has seen Read more »

What Google’s New Cross-Platform Conversions Mean for Online Retailers

Have you ever found yourself researching products on your mobile phone, only to return home and buy the product online? Yeah, us too and it’s known as cross-platform conversions. 90% of people move between various devices to make a purchase or accomplish a goal. Known as ‘micro-moments,’ there are small instances during every day where consumers research or tune in to a particular product through their mobile phone or tablet, making the sales funnel more complicated and a little harder to track. Tracking cross-platform conversions is a big priority for advertisers, marketers and online retailers as they try to grasp the user journey from brand discovery to purchase, but it has been difficult to achieve due in large part to the fact Read more »

Your Ultimate Ecommerce Marketing Plan for Cyber Monday

Black Friday’s online sales broke records last year, with mobile traffic beating desktop traffic for the first time in the lead up to Cyber Monday. The festive period has always been big for retailers, but the increase in online shopping in recent years has set a whole new precedent and presented marketers with fresh challenges and opportunities – the biggest of which is taking full advantage of Cyber Monday. With so much competition in every industry, it’s important for online retailers to put their best foot forward and get ahead of the pack. Here are the key factors to consider when formulating your ecommerce marketing plan for Cyber Monday. Go back in time What better way to form a strong foundation for your Cyber Monday Read more »

8 Techniques to Prevent Fraud on Your Magento Store

A report from LexisNexis found 42% of online retailers reported an increase in fraud during 2014, with large and international merchants hardest hit when it comes to a loss of revenue. Having one or two preventative measures in place is just not enough anymore – ecommerce business owners need to implement a multi-layered approach to protect both their business and their customers. Here are eight different security features you can set-up on your Magento site to deter hackers and protect your revenue. Use a secure connection for checkout With cyber breaches on the rise, people are more wary than ever about handing over their credit card details and store owners need to be on top of all potential threats. Secure Sockets Layer certificates Read more »

8 Top Tips: How to Make Sure Your Online Store Wins Cyber Monday

The holidays are the most beautiful time of year – family, friends, good food and of course, lots and lots of shopping. An increase in online commerce begins immediately after Thanksgiving and runs right up through the January sales, but while store owners notice an overall boost in traffic during this period, there are a couple of specific days that can send online store sales to another level all together. The Rise of Cyber Monday  We analysed data from more than 1,000 Magento stores over 2014’s holiday season and made some interesting discoveries. On Cyber Monday the number of site issues tracked by the Shoppimon platform in critical customer scenarios (e.g. add to cart and checkout) increased significantly, and peaked again Read more »

How Blogging Can Increase Sales for Your Online Store

Generating site traffic is the key to increasing an online store’s sales and building its customer base – something that every good business brain is well aware of. But while many ecommerce owners pump money into advertising, digital marketing and fancy site designs, very few grasp the importance of one very simple tool that can catapult your business into the limelight: a blog. Yes, the term may conjure images of tween girls posting cutesy pictures on Tumblr, but in reality, a good blog can separate a business from its competitors and make it a go-to for consumers in the industry. And the best part? It will cost you nothing but a little time if you feel confident enough to write the posts yourself or a minimal amount of money if you Read more »

The latest Magento Pinterest development has us scrambling to set up accounts

It’s an exciting time to be on the marketing team for a Magento site right now! Pinterest formally announced on their blog on June 30th that the Buyable Pins project was being rolled out, allowing users to buy from online stores through connecting Pins on Pinterest. “When you’re ready to check out, tap Buy it and pay with Apple Pay or a credit card, right in the app. Once you enter your personal info, we’ll save it so you don’t have to enter it in again next time. In just a few more taps, your purchase will be on its way to your doorstep and you’ll be right back to Pinning.” While that was already hugely exciting for ecommerce marketers around the world, things got even better in October when Magento announced that their Read more »

It’s Our Time to Shine: Women Making a Difference

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great” –John D. Rockefeller There have been so many influential females in the field of technology. Often times, these women do not get the attention that they deserve for their accomplishments. In addition, as society progresses, more and more females are making a name for themselves within their particular industries. Magento is not the exception to this rule; the community is seeing a rise in female influencers that are making lasting impacts. For this reason, we decided to pay homage to some of the women who continue to break barriers everyday in their careers. Below is a list of outstanding women who have led this change to make the entire Magento community better as a whole. Read more »

Everything you need to know about the new Magento B2B Program

It’s an exciting time to be in ecommerce following the recent launch of the new Magento B2B Program. While the B2C industry has boomed in recent years, B2B has been slower in growth; however, according to figures from Forrester Research, Inc., 93% of B2B buyers prefer to purchase online from their vendors. With this increase in demand, Frost & Sullivan predict the B2B market will be twice as large as its B2C counterpart by 2020, worth $6.7 trillion globally. Customers prefer to get goods quickly, with minimal effort and without having to interact with potentially pushy salespeople – why should business buyers be any different? Currently, Magento is a leader in B2B ecommerce, with 30% of its Enterprise clients using the platform Read more »