Ready! Set! Convert! The Secrets to Boosting ECommerce Conversion Rates

It’s nice to make sure your ecommerce shop is pretty. It’s even better when it’s easy to navigate. But the real test is whether or not the casual visitors are turning into actual customers. What’s your conversion rate? How can you improve it? Let’s take a look at some of the top ways to improve ecommerce conversion rates. You don’t have to implement them all at once, but you should definitely see which ones you’ve tried and which ones you need to try next. Commitment? What commitment? Your users do not want to do cartwheels and memorize magic spells to complete a purchase. They may not even know if they’re ready to commit to a long-term relationship with you. As much as you would LOVE to get all of their personal details for Read more »

Shoppimon at MagentoLive France: 3 Cures for Your Magento Store’s Growing Pains

You'll recall a few weeks back, I mentioned how honored I was to present at the MagentoLive France conference, a two day event for Magento developers, solution partners, merchants and marketers. There were a variety of interesting and informative technical and marketing sessions that covered topics such as real life challenges e-commerce merchants face when selling globally, connecting Magento to the “internet of things” and creating the next generation of infant nutrition, performance and lessons learned when optimizing Magento stores as well as budgeting and the future of Magento. On behalf of Shoppimon, I was honored to be invited by Magento to take the conference stage together with my friend and colleague, Brendon Peo, Vaimo Read more »

Shoppimon Unveils New and Improved (FREE) Live Report

Want to see how your Magento e-commerce shop is performing in terms of speed and stability? Want to know how it compares to other shops in the same industry? If you haven’t taken advantage of our FREE personalized Live Reports yet...there’s no time like the present! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better...well...we made it better! Our new and improved Live Report has gotten a complete facelift and now includes more useful data and statistics for shop owners. do we monitor your shop? Shoppimon robots (we like to call them “Shoppimonsters”) are small pieces of software that simulate shopping on Magento stores. Once you enter your website URL, Shoppimonsters start visiting your store and simulate real shoppers Read more »

3 Ways to Optimize Your E-Commerce Sales Funnel

Looking to optimize your sales funnel without engaging in a complete makeover of your sales processes? Of course you are. Any e-commerce site would be. Optimization and efficiency are the name of the game. So...what are some quick, easy and efficient ways to get it done? Let’s take a look… Know your competition. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again and again. One of the most efficient ways to optimize your own sales funnel is by knowing who your competition is and what keywords they’re using to deliver search results in Google or Yahoo! or Bing or whatever search engine is most fashionable this week. A lot of the optimization work is trial and error based on analyzing your clicks and conversions. This one isn’t a Read more »

Shoppimon at Magento Live 2015

Wow! What an experience. I had the great honor of representing Shoppimon on stage at the the Magento Live conference in Paris, France this week… met some really fascinating people, saw some interesting presentations and enjoyed as many baguettes and croissants as possible. In another post, I’ll share the presentation I did with Brendan Peo from Vaimo called “Three Cures For Your Magento Store’s Growing Pains.” For now, I want to just recap the conference and share highlights from some of the sessions I attended. Pitchfest I love pitching competitions and I love that Magento is taking this approach with their ecosystem. It’s fun and you always know you’re going to learn something new listening to innovative companies and Read more »

Shoppimon Unveils New Website Health and Monitoring Features for Ecommerce Shops

Our little Shoppimonsters have been busy! Busy monitoring your shop for errors. Busy sending notifications and alerts. Since January 1, we’ve rendered more than 3.3 million pages for over 1,600 store and helped store owners find and fix more than 31 thousand issues before their customers stumbled upon them. And of course…we’ve been busy developing new and amazing features for Magento shop owners. So what’s new? Well…a lot, actually. Let’s take a look at some of our newest and most useful features. For more info on our original features, check out this page. Custom Scenarios allows you to choose which specific pages you’d like Shoppimon to visit and monitor on top of the ones we automatically scan and scour. Looking to get Read more »

7 Ways to Maximize E-Commerce Website Reviews

Risk aversion is innate for online consumers. In fact, researchers say that nearly 90% of consumers consider product reviews before completing an online purchase. The reason is simple. Customers never want to be bogged down or disappointed by anything they have either never experienced themselves personally or have yet to see others use and/or try. For them, the trust factor plays a more decisive role than the cost or variety of a product that they can see on display. Therefore, consumer reviews are a must for online retailers (e-tailers). In fact, some would argue that good product reviews are the heart & soul of a successful e-commerce site. In this post, we will share a few simple tactics that can help e-tailers attract more reviews Read more »

Your Slow Site Can Cost You Over 50% of Potential Buyers!

E-commerce site owners, let’s face it – we are living in an increasingly customer-centric society. Businesses today are consistently looking for ways to adopt technologies and strategies that put the consumers first in terms of convenience. In the world of online shopping, this implies facilitating a seamless experience during, at, and after the point of sale. With this in mind, it is unsurprising to find out that over 50% of shoppers will look for faster alternatives to purchase their product when faced with a slow performing website. The potential long-term revenue consequences are even more troubling, as shoppers may then default to your competitors and reward them for ensuring a positive shopping process. Given this, the importance Read more »

Optimizing Magento Performance: Solutions to Help Speed Up Your Shop

Does your Magento shop seem to be dragging its feet? Lost the pep in its step? Let’s take a look at some basic steps you can take to optimize performance and keep your shop in tip top shape. Block Caching – Block caching is not the default setting, but it is the preferred option. Be sure that you’ve enabled block caching so that previously calculated outputs can be recalled without requiring a completely new query (which stresses the system). With a properly configured caching system, you can reduce up to 95% of redundant database requests. Reduce Theme HTTP Requests – It is much more efficient to load one large file containing all the page images than to load each individual image on its own. Reduce the HTTP requests and you’ll Read more »

7 Must-Have Magento Extensions for 2015

As we head into the new year, many of us will be taking a closer look at our Magento e-commerce shops and maybe do a little fine-tuning. Maybe there are some adjustments you’ve been delaying until other issues were taken care of first. Or maybe it’s just time to take an extension inventory and see if you’re missing anything or could stand to get rid of any. We here at Shoppimon have compiled a list of some of our favorite Magento extensions that, if you haven’t yet heard of, you should definitely check out. Some were developed by Shoppimon partners and some, we just heard of along the way. But all of them are useful and we wanted to share our findings with you... Happy New Year to all! **** Google Enhanced Ecommerce for Magento Read more »