Inc. Magazine Names Shoppimon as “Hot Israeli Startup”

Oh yeah. We’re turning heads. Making waves. Sending out 2014 with a BANG! We’re so honored to be included in Inc.’s list of “15 Israeli Startups Getting Hot at the Turn of 2015” that we don’t even know what to do with ourselves! Inc. is a monthly US magazine (with an awesome web site) focused on growing companies. They publish annual lists like this one and also their famous Inc. 5000 list of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the US. We’re pretty pleased to be listed amongst other great companies including Incapsula, Taboola, PlayBuzz, Billguard and others. So yeah…we thought we’d shout it from the rooftops and proclaim that YES! We ARE ready for 2015 and we’re on the verge of greatness, folks… Check Read more »

Don’t Optimize Your Magento Shopping Cart… Check These 3 Cart-Killers First

In a report earlier this year, Business Insider estimated that $4 trillion worth of merchandise would be abandoned in online shopping carts in 2014, and those figures are expected to increase as more consumers shop online. The losses add up when over 70% of carts are abandoned. In the Magento world, a few built-in features specific to Magento can help lower abandonment rates, as outlined in this post by Inchoo. These include the option for visitors to check out without registering, easy one-page checkout process, and more. Research by Screen Pages showed an average successful checkout rate among Magento sites of 37%, indicating an average abandonment rate of 63%, which is slightly lower than more general reported abandonment rates. The Read more »

Top 12 ECommerce Blogs for Magento Shop Owners

There’s so much good information being written and shared out there to help e-commerce shop owners increase sales, maximize profits, attract customers and get ahead of the game. Magento shop owners have the added benefit of a tightknit community sharing trends and extensions, tools and tricks. We’ve compiled some of our favorite e-commerce blogs, with a special focus on Magento shops… these are listed in no particular order…   Obviously we couldn’t have a list of favorites that didn’t include the Magento blog. Full of company news, customer stories, event information, best practices and more, anyone with a Magento shop will find something relevant for them. We really enjoyed their recent post: How to Understand Read more »

Three free tools to get your e-commerce shop ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The holiday season is upon us once again and e-commerce shops, like their brick and mortar counterparts, are busy bulking up inventory and preparing their storefronts for the busiest shopping days of the year. Shoppimon has an arsenal of FREE useful tools for Magento e-commerce shop owners to get ready for the big day(s)… We’ve already made the list for you…you’ve just got to check it twice (because that bearded guy in the red suit is busy checking his own lists)… POODLE attack vulnerability test – We wrote about this problem last week and are reminding all e-commerce shop owners to check your shops. We have a super simple tool to help you figure out if you’ve got SSL 3.0 support enabled, making your shop vulnerable to a POODLE Read more »

1 in 2 Magento sites is vulnerable to POODLE. Is yours?

Ho ho ho! Santa’s brought a real sack of coal this year for some e-commerce merchants. A new way to exploit an SSL 3.0 vulnerability – the POODLE attack - has been found and PayPal is poised to pull SSL 3.0 support before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the biggest shopping days of the year. So what does it all mean? And how can you protect yourself or test your store for POODLE vulnerability right now? We took an in-depth look at more than 1000 Magento e-commerce shops in our system. Of the sites that we found with SSL support, more than half had SSL 3.0 enabled. We were able to connect to them and enforce an SSL 3.0 connection, which means they’re vulnerable to POODLE. The remaining sites supporting SSL were verified to use the Read more »

Top 5 Ways to Really Screw Up Your Magento Store

E-commerce is one of the most popular activities on the internet. There are thousands of live e-commerce shops online, and they are continually competing to attract customers to boost their revenue and prosper.More and more merchants are choosing Magento over other e-commerce engines because: Magento is based on PHP5/MySQL, making it possible to install on any server. Magento is easily scalable and extendable, making it a good fit for organizations and companies of many sizes. For bigger merchants it’s possible to subscribe to Magento Enterprise, which is a step forward in better equipping the web store. Even though Magento is such a popular and widely used choice, you really do have to know what you’re doing in order to make Read more »

So you think your business uptime is 99.5%? Think again…

As an e-commerce shop owner, one of the worst things you could hear would be that your site is down. Maximal “uptime” is key. Equally as bad, though, is when your “business uptime” is compromised. Business uptime is considered time when not only is your e-commerce shop up, but also that every part of the shop is up and running so customers can browse and check out with ease. Missing images. Broken links. Cart issues. All of these (and more) affect your business uptime. Any time a customer has a problem adding items to their cart and checking out, you can be sure that they will move on to the next online shop to complete their purchase...and that is bad news. So…just how common are Magento site errors? More common than you think. Of Read more »

What’s a Virtual Shopper, and Why You Need One, NOW

In the brick and mortar world, the concept of mystery shoppers, or secret shoppers, has been around for decades. There are people whose job it is to go into a store, restaurant, bank, or other establishment, and shop there. Depending on the goals of the secret shopper program, these anonymous shoppers may: Search for items of a certain size Ask certain questions Measure how long it takes for a salesperson to approach and say “how can we help you today” Check if the waiter tries to upsell you dessert or wine Try out the bathroom to see how clean and well stocked it is and so on The possibilities for mystery shopping assignments are endless, since every aspect of an on-premise store impacts the business. The atmosphere, service Read more »

The one second that costs your business $2.5 million

There’s a saying in the online world that “content is king,” but when you’re an e-commerce shop owner, it’s speed. Speed is king. It’s the seemingly unattainable goal. According to a recent poll by Load Impact, most of us dream of a two-second load speed. Is that what’s actually happening though? Not by any means. It’s more like…eight seconds. You read that right. The average page load speed on an e-commerce site is eight seconds. Now let’s take a look at Shoppimon data from more than 1.6 million visits to online stores built on Magento in the past few months. At Shoppimon we take “page load time” a step further, and measure full scenarios, that is, how long it takes for a visitor to accomplish their goal (e.g. add Read more »

eBay crashed. Microsoft is unavailable! … What about you?

Is your store up and running? Now? How do you know? This is Magento uptime revisited. Even the big boys sometimes fall… actually, eBay crashed on me a couple of weeks back with a nasty, not-for-the-faint-of-heart screen showing the guts of their code. This week, when I tried to access my Microsoft account (yes, I have one), I got a “service not available” message from the Redmond gang. As someone who works for a company that specializes in finding site issues in online stores, I can’t say the fact that such issues happen actually surprises me. At Shoppimon, we see these issues in Magento shops all the time, some happening constantly – others, only every now and then – causing a store to lose customers Read more »