Ecommerce CMS Showdown: an In-Depth Comparison of Shopify, Magento and PrestaShop

Anyone starting an ecommerce store is going to find themselves facing a lot of questions. These questions range from basic ones, like what am I going to sell and how much am I going to charge, to logistical assessments like what payment methods will I accept and what shipping company should I use, all the way to soul-searching queries, like should I rob a liquor store instead of doing all this work. The process of launching an online shop is a laborious one fraught with seemingly unending questions, and one of the biggest decisions will undoubtedly be which ecommerce CMS to use. In order to help we’ve put together an in-depth look at three major ecommerce content management systems: Shopify, Magento and PrestaShop. Shopify There’s Read more »

Four Facts that Cost you Millions in Lost Revenue

Our Shoppimonsters have been busy collecting data from more than 3000 ecommerce shops around the globe and you won’t believe some of their findings! Check out our infographic below and you’ll see that more than 85% of ecommerce shops experienced some kind of error or issue ranging from a broken image to a broken shopping cart or even complete downtime. In fact, our Shoppimonsters found 7715 errors every DAY. Out of the shops we monitored, nearly all of them experienced some slow downs over the course of the month. You read that right...pretty much every store we monitor...more than 95%, in fact. It’s such a common error, you have most certainly experienced it at some point. Most troublesome, is that we saw more than 40% of these ecommerce Read more »

The Magento Flaw: Protecting Your ECommerce Site

One of the keys to making ecommerce so accessible to so many people has been the development of easy to use content management systems like Magento. Magento has become so popular that according to their own website, there are more than 240,000 online stores currently using their software. There are always downsides to popularity, however, and in the case of ecommerce, that downside is more like the face of a cliff. If one CMS has 240,000 users… to attackers and hackers, it has 240,000 targets. That’s one big roving bulls-eye, and there’s a lot of money to be made exploiting vulnerabilities in websites. An industry report by McAfee estimates that more than $400 billion is lost annually to cybercrime – not exactly small change. The Read more »

Improving the Customer Experience: Email

Email isn’t dead. Leverage it! Did you know that for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25 according to the folks over at EmailExpert!?!? Forty four dollars! If you didn’t know that, now would be a great time to take a closer look at what you’re doing (or not) with your email marketing campaign. And so we must you have an email marketing plan? Is it working? Email is Here to Stay In the age of social media and constant streams of information, email still isn’t dead. And if you do it right, you can still leverage it to generate quality sales leads and opportunities for ecommerce owners. do it right. According to SalesForce, 69.7% of US internet users consider email as the preferred Read more »

Vegas, baby! Shoppimon had a blast at Magento’s Imagine eCommerce 2015

What an experience! Just got back from an amazing time in Las Vegas at Magento's Imagine eCommerce conference. We highlighted some of our top session picks in a previous post...and they did not disappoint. I enjoyed hearing from some industry thought leaders and catching up with friends and colleagues. So what did I take away from my time in Vegas? Customer experience is key. Almost every conversation and every session at the conference somehow took us back to the customer experience. We were challenged to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to try and understand what they need. The conference was held at the amazing Wynn Hotel. Stunning facilities and very attentive staff had us all feeling so welcome and pampered. Steve Wynn, owner Read more »

Top APM Tools for IT managers and DevOps

Companies are always looking for ways to streamline processes to make things run more smoothly. One area that has many opportunities to do this, of course, is the IT department. There are so many free (and paid) tools available to automate processes and help DevOps and IT managers do their jobs better, quicker and more efficiently. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of our favorite application performance monitoring (APM) tools. By retrieving metrics and displaying data in an organized fashion, APM tools help IT managers with decision making in the areas of application changes, competence needs and other productivity issues. Real User Monitoring Tools For any e-commerce shop, customer behavior and experience is of utmost importance, Read more »

What happens in Vegas…

Yes. The rumors are true. We're heading to Magento's Imagine Commerce 2015 conference in Vegas, baby! We're looking forward to meeting with other Magento developers, enthusiasts and shop owners while also learning from the best of the best. The Shoppimon team always appreciates an opportunity to meet with and hear from potential and current users and to keep a finger on the pulse of the Magento world. This is what keeps us going! There are a few sessions we definitely won't miss, and you can check out the full schedule of events here. Cybersecurity: Eliminating Digital Blind Spots with Scott Meyer, Chief Executive Officer of Ghostery Inc. Scott's panel will focus on e-commerce digital blind spots that can pose cybersecurity risks, Read more »

Introducing Business Downtime Alerts via Slack

As one Shoppimon user recently told me, the most important value our service provides is not finding bugs or bottlenecks in his store. It's not even making sure his business is operating smoothly. The reason he's using Shoppimon is because we provide him with peace of mind. He knows that if anything goes wrong - if his customers can't add products to cart because of a crash, or if the site becomes so unresponsive customers start leaving, one of our bots visiting his store will find out and immediately notify him about it. This is exactly why real-time or near-real-time alerts are very important to many of our users. Up until now, critical errors and major slowdowns detected by our bots triggered an email notification. Now, this is not one Read more »

Webinar: Improve E-Commerce Store Performance and Win Clients!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our webinar last week! Thank you, also, to our partners at Younify for hosting us. For anyone who missed it, though, we wanted to give you a chance to check it out on your own. So what was it all about? Well...consider this: Are you sure that your store can process a sale? Right now? Don’t be so sure, because…let’s be honest…more than 75% of Magento stores experience some kind of error in any given week. In the webinar, we discussed how some of the best sites make sure they find and fix problems that cost revenue and helped participants understand how their e-commerce store stacks up against the competition! Check out the full presentation here: Read more »

E-Commerce podcasts: The best of the best

Last week, we shared some of our favorite recent articles and blog posts. This week, we thought we'd share some of the best e-commerce and entrepreneurial podcasts. We love listening to podcasts on our morning commute, while we're fixing dinner, when we're out running errands, or anytime we can't sit down to focus on a screen long enough to read. In this day and age, portability is king, and we're happy to have found some fascinating, informative podcasts we think you'll enjoy. So grab your ear phones and get to listening... Have you tuned into any great e-commerce podcasts lately? Let us know…we’d love to check it out! Leave us a comment below or tweet us @shoppimon. Mixergy: Learn from Proven Entrepreneurs Andrew Warner is a Read more »