Shoppimon Unveils New Multi-User Feature for Ecommerce Stores

Shoppimon is now offering multi-user capabilities to customers with premium accounts. Using this feature, multiple users can now access the same account dashboard and information. Account administrators will be able to control who has access to the account and more. Here’s an in-depth look at our new multi-user feature! Getting Started The first step for getting started with multi-user capabilities is to add new users to your account. To do this, sign into your account and go to account settings. Under the Users tab, click on the Add New Users button.     To add a new user, simply enter an email address and designate their role as a user or as an admin.   Once you enter this information, the user will Read more »

7 Best Free Magento Extensions

eCommerce stores that use Magento as their platform generally make use of extensions to prepare their online stores to produce even more results. Here are 7 of the best free Magento Extensions. Blog - Community Edition by aheadWorks    Blogging has been proven to be one of the best marketing tactics online. From niche and esoteric to widespread wildfire, blogs have taken over. Today, you will find one in every respectable company website. Reaching out to your visitors is extremely important and blogging opens a two-way communications line. Write and share insights or updates with an interested public. Learn more about your customers by reading their comments and noticing trends or overlooked problems they discover. This extension Read more »

Introducing SLA Alerts for Monitoring Ecommerce Stores

Shoppimon is now offering the option to define SLA alerts for your store. This feature allows you to track how well your store is doing based on the SLA values that you define. After setting up SLA values, users will be able to choose the type of alerts that they receive when performance falls below their standards. Shoppimon will send you reports via email to notify you when your performance values are deemed acceptable or unacceptable based on your SLA thresholds. You can choose to receive immediate alerts if your store’s performance suffers significantly, or regular notifications if your site experiences less severe performance issues. Evaluating your site’s performance based on sliding window averages, Shoppimon will alert you according Read more »

Secrets from Leading Magento Experts: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Magento Agency

Choosing an agency for your ecommerce store is an important process that deserves a well thought-out approach. Remember, the right Magento agency for your site may not be the same for another company and its specific personality and needs. Choosing the perfect agency has to do with aligning your company’s unique qualities and objectives with the agency’s qualifications and capabilities. Making a calculated, informed decision when choosing an agency to work with is of paramount importance. This is why we’ve collaborated with leading Magento agencies to compile this guide to walk you through the process! Research Size and Reputation Decide what agency size and reputation is appropriate for your store. Critical mass isn’t the most Read more »

User Journey Time: Why Does It Matter?

The User Journey Time is a metric that tells a story of the route that your customer takes from start to finish. It is more than a mere number; it is also a defining factor that directly relates back to the customer experience. Not only does this allow us to understand the way users interact with websites, but it is also an applicable way to indicate performance. The user journey is the path that a visitor takes through your site from landing page to goal completion. Understanding the user journey time for your website delivers an insight that the load time of a single landing page simply cannot provide. Although knowing the timing of a specific page can be helpful to an extent, it cannot provide the whole picture. This is why Shoppimon’s Read more »

E-Commerce Corner: Top 5 Recent Share-worthy Articles

Here’s a list of 5 great articles we read in the last few weeks that are particularly relevant to e-commerce shop owners. Have you read any interesting e-commerce articles recently?  We’d love to check them out! Leave us a comment below or tweet us @shoppimon.   How to Use Social Proof to get Better Results from Facebook Ads We loved this Kissmetrics blog post by Aimee Millwood about using social proof to sell content on social media. Aimee uses real data to show how integrating customer content really makes a difference with facebook ad campaigns. In this article, she discusses six insider tips on how to optimize UGC facebook ad results. These insights are really helpful for designing effective facebook ads and attracting Read more »

The Fantastic Five: Valuable Extensions for Apparel Stores

  Does your fashion or apparel store need to be jazzed up? In this post, we will recommend five extensions that will allow your ecommerce website to go the extra mile! Make your customers shop til’ they drop! Did you know that fashion and apparel stores make up around 23% of Shoppimon’s consumer base?! That’s almost one out of every four stores!   Throughout the past few years, revenues generated by e-commerce apparel and accessory stores have steadily risen. In fact, according to Statista, the income coming in from these online fashion and apparel stores alone reached $52 billion dollars in 2014. That is a LOT of potential revenue!   However, the surge in spending has also sparked an increase in competition. Sound Read more »

Customizing Shoppimon’s Add to Cart and Checkout Tests

Shoppimon now makes it possible to manually set the category and product visited when testing the Add to Cart scenario, and the product used in the Checkout scenario. This makes it easy to customize existing scenarios, and also makes testing these automatic scenarios possible for some heavily-customized Magento stores. Ok, Customizing Scenarios... Tell Me More! Shoppimon makes it very easy to test standard user "scenarios" through the site. Testing common user flows like searching for products, browsing categories, adding them to the cart and going to the checkout page are all made very easy and "just work" for most cases. However, we've seen cases where some of our users prefer to modify the automatic scenarios, getting our bots to browse Read more »

7 Extensions That Will Increase Your Store Conversion Rate

It’s no secret that e-Commerce has revolutionized global retail. Online retail sales are increasing significantly year after year with no end in sight. The use of extensions on your Magento site can dramatically increase conversion rates by making a site user friendly, visually appealing, and easy to focus on. Failing to do so is a surefire way to lose sales. Here’s where we can help. We’ve compiled a list of must-have extensions for revolutionizing your Magento retail store. These extensions are used to optimize user experience and increase conversions across the board! Let’s start with an extension that may seem simple, but improves user experiences tenfold. Store Pickup by Magestore is an extension that allows customers to Read more »

Advanced Guide to SEO: Magento Search Engine Optimization

In our Beginners' Guide to SEO, we discussed the first steps to optimizing your SEO by modifying your site’s URLs, headings, categories, products, images and CMS pages. In this guide we will walk you through various, more advanced methods you can implement to optimize your eCommerce store’s SEO. Here we will dive headfirst into the intricacies of advanced search engine optimization, namely improving site speed, creating an XML sitemap and dealing with duplicate content. Upping Site Speed Page load time may not be the most important factor when it comes to SEO rankings, but it definitely is a factor. Furthermore, it can affect how many pages a search engine bot will spider on your site on any given day, and it can also affect how Read more »