Improve Customer Experience & Prevent Cart Abandonment

With Shoppimon’s Automated AI-Powered Mystery Shoppers.

Do you know?

If your store is losing money right now?

The difference between issues that lose you sales, and the ones that don’t?

What is causing the issues that matter?

Contextual monitoring that drives more sales

Your completely tailored 24/7 secret shopper.
See store issues from a shopper's perspective.
Get alerts only when issues impact business.
100% automated. 0 setup. 0 Integration. 0 maintenance.
Drill straight down to root causes & suggested fixes.

Just how much can Shoppimon save you?

Shoppimon will tell you when an issue impacts your bottom line, what caused it, and then show you how it impacts your customers’ experience in your store.

Annual Cost
Business Downtime
Annual Cost
Annual Cost
Server Downtime
up to$0
In Annual Revenues
Potentially Saved
Joe Ellis
E-Commerce Business Development Manager @ The Lounge Co.
"Anytime we've had an outage or site issue Shoppimon has spotted it immediately, alerting the team. It's been great. Absolutely faultless."

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