Magento Store Monitoring

Know when issues prevent shoppers from completing a purchase. Get deep insights into store performance and immediate issue alerts.

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Stop monitoring just servers and code & start monitoring Magento store workflows.

You need to know much more than if your site is up or down. You need to find problems that stop purchase completions. And you need to find them before customers do. Shoppimon can help with that.

Why Monitor Workflows

By monitoring a store in much the same way as shoppers experience it (as a journey with multiple steps), you can focus on the issues that disrupt or stop their shopping experience, rather than attempting to understand the impact of technical exceptions as they're recorded in logs. This dramatically cuts down the time it takes to find real problems and drill down to their root causes for an immediate fix.

Shoppimon’s Intelligent Tech

Traditional Application Performance Management tools focus on site infrastructure and alerts IT teams to problems, big and small alike. But Shoppimon's Magento APM technology understands eCommerce goals, so it can sift through the noise and notify you about issues that really matter, not the ones that don’t.

Zero Setup & Zero Integration

We get how many resources go into integrating new tools in your daily routine. So we also know there’s no need to waste time and energy on a lengthy setup process that requires a huge effort just to begin. With Shoppimon, all you need to do to get started is plug in your store's URL and you've started monitoring!

Monitor Global Business Performance

With Shoppimon, the world’s top Magento stores...

  • Identify store problems stopping shoppers from converting

  • Immediately see root causes & solutions to store issues

  • Compare business performance to industry benchmarks

  • Meet critical performance targets & track trends over time

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