10 Ways You Can Bring Customers to Your Online Store

September 24, 2015 by Leah Na'aman

You have a great idea, a snazzy name and a beautiful ecommerce site – but how exactly can you get people to visit your online store?

If you have an existing offline customer base, you can begin marketing to them through your email list, in your store or maybe on your Facebook business page if you have one. From there word can spread to a small number of people, but to really take the internet by storm, here are some top marketing tips to get people to notice your website.

  1. Don’t neglect SEO 

Search engines are one of the top ways to bring new customers to your site. People turn to Google or Bing when they have a problem that needs solving and being one of the first links to pop up when they search is crucial to online businesses.

  1. Be willing to invest

Have you ever searched for something in Google and noticed that a couple of links appear highlighted at the top of the results list? These links and the ones that appear in the sidebar are a result of pay-per-click marketing (PPC). With a sensibly-used budget and clever manipulation of search keywords, you can obtain your rightful place at the top by using services like Adwordsor Bing Ads.

  1. Put social media to good use

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest [link to previous article] are all incredibly important assets, but you should also pay attention to forums like Reddit and question sites like Quora. Here you can actively solve problems and show your expertise on a subject by interacting directly with potential customers. Remember though, don’t even think about doing the hard sell on these sites or you’ll be immediately flagged and ostracized. Be passive and helpful and eventually customers will come to you.

4.  Give people an extra reason to visit your site

People like to get something for nothing and they also like buying from brands they trust know what they’re doing. Tack a blog onto your ecommerce site that offers advice on your niche. If you sell clothes, create style pieces for certain events or offer tips for how to create different outfits from one item you sell. If you sell car parts, do reviews of different vehicles or even create travel pieces on great driving routes. The options are endless.

  1. Get some backlinks 

Find specialist sites or blogs that talk about your particular niche, and get them to link to you in return for you linking back to them. As well as doing wonders for your store’s SEO, it also provides you with an opportunity to reach out to potential customers within your industry.

  1. Encourage customer recommendations

Real-people reviews can do a lot for your brand, provided they’re positive, of course! Offer up discounts and incentives to people whose recommendation to a friend results in a purchase on your site and they’ll be far more likely to spread the word.


10 Ways You Can Bring Customers to Your Online Store



  1. Make use of influencers

‘Influencer’ is the hot digital marketing buzzword right now. These are usually bloggers, Twitter personalities or Instagrammers who you can pay to mention your company or post a picture of them using one of your products. Prices vary depending on the number of followers a person has, but remember that numbers aren’t everything. Look for influencers who have a loyal, interactive following rather than someone with millions of ‘likes’. This shows the person’s opinion is respected and their audience is much more likely to take notice of any products they recommend.

  1. Make the media your friend 

People love a human interest story or a relatable person. If you have an interesting backstory or a unique selling point, contact some media sources. With the right angle, your story could go national or even global, saving you a small fortune in marketing and advertising spend.

If you’re finding it difficult to get in contact with journalists, why not create your own articles and see if you can make them go viral. You could pitch it to sites like Huffington Post or post on Buzzfeed, but make sure it isn’t a press release – the reader should always be the priority and your story should be one that’s entertaining, not a sales pitch.

  1. Avail of discount sites 

Sites like Groupon are a fantastic way to introduce incredible numbers of people to your online store. Offer a great deal on a specific item or maybe a $50 voucher for just $25 and watch traffic to your site increase.

  1. Send samples out 

Yes, this means giving some product away for free, but think of it as a marketing investment. Target popular bloggers or vloggers who operate within your industry and send them out some freebies. Even if they don’t write/record a full review, at the very least they’ll usually tweet or Instagram your product.



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