How did Magento stores do on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016?

December 8, 2016 by Leah Na'aman

US eCommerce stores broke records with $3.34 billion spent on Black Friday and $3.45 billion on Cyber Monday 2016. And if these figures are any indication, the year’s holiday season stands to be an incredible success for retailers.

Here at Shoppimon, where we spend all of our time , we’ve seen stores make significant improvements this year compared to 2015. Shoppimon data shows a 23% reduction in average daily error occurrences with the average Homepage load time cut by nearly a full second.

With this in mind, we spent Cyber Weekend tracking performance figures to see whether Magento brands and merchants were able to maintain these trends during the busiest shopping period of the year. Below we outlined some of our initial finding based on data sampled from nearly 2,000 Magento stores. And we were not disappointed.

In addition to record sales, Black Friday saw a significant performance boost

By the close of Black Friday this year, it was clear that load speed has become a real focal point for online retailers and their development teams when prepping for the holiday season.

Back in 2015, Shoppimon saw Black Friday Add to Cart speeds that were 9.1% slower than the yearly average. And that was minor when compared to Homepage speeds that had slowed by 20% from the 2015 average. Assuming the numbers we saw are representative of online stores in general, and a 1 second delay in page load time results in a potential 7% loss in sales, then slowdowns affecting just these two workflows cost online merchants nearly $80M last year.

In 2016 however, we’ve seen some dramatic improvements. Home pages loaded an impressive 1.75 seconds faster than they had throughout the year. While search scenarios displayed an increase in speed of nearly 2.4 seconds.

Black Friday Scenario Loadtimes

Online merchants are clearly taking Cyber Monday seriously

Things have changed. Black Friday was once the clear focus of advanced preparations for holiday shopping, and Cyber Monday was just an afterthought. But following a strong showing under the intense pressures of this year’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday pushed Magento performance even further, with average load time improvements across the board.

When looking a all of the standard scenarios automatically monitored by Shoppimon (Homepage, Search, Add to Cart, Login and Checkout) we saw an aggregated average drop of over 5 seconds in total load time across them. An incredible improvement, considering there were just two days between these two critical shopping dates. And even more so, when taking into consideration the fact that Cyber Monday was even busier than Black Friday.




Leah Na’aman