Amazon – AWS S3 Outage and Magento

March 1, 2017 by Leah Na'aman

It’s definitely not a secret – Yesterday, Amazon had a pretty major outage. Which, as TechCrunch put it, broke things “for a lot of websites and apps.” And Magento stores didn’t go unscathed. In fact, the AWS S3 outage had a clear negative impact for many, which we unfortunately had a front row seat to.

So, now that the outage is behind us, and any performance aftershocks appear to have subsided, we thought we would share a couple of visuals to put into perspective the sheer gravity of the outage’s impact for Magento stores. Weather sites were impacted directly, or indirectly (via its effect on 3rd party services), the effect is clear to see.

Average Visit Time

During the Amazon S3 Outage, the average time it took Shoppimon to run all of the scenarios across all of the Magento stores being monitored quintupled – That’s a full 5X increase in visit time!Average Visit Time - AWS S3 Outage and Magento

Average Errors per Visit

While speed across Magento sites decreased 5-fold. The number of issues seen across the board more than doubled on average. Average Errors per Visit - AWS S3 Outage and Magento


Well there you have it folks… It’s good to see everyone back up and running, and hoping it stays that way for the foreseeable future!




Leah Na’aman

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