Understanding the Basic Principles of Artificial Intelligence

May 9, 2018 by Simon Ironmonger

Artificial intelligence or AI is everywhere you look these days, even if you’ve never noticed. It’s being used in the cars we drive, the medical industry, and throughout the eCommerce industry. And what is it exactly? Simply put, AI is machine-based intelligence rather than the natural intelligence which humans display.

So what does that mean exactly and how do machines become intelligent? Well to answer these questions here’s Shoppimon CEO Roy Rosinnes, with a concise and easy to follow presentation to help you get familiar with artificial intelligence.

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

After watching this quick presentation, artificial intelligence should feel like a much less daunting concept. As Roy explained, don’t worry artificial intelligence is not (yet) ready to take over the world. But in the world of eCommerce it’s already having a big impact.

Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce

Want to learn more about AI in eCommerce? Visit the Shoppimon blog for an in depth look at how artificial intelligence is changing the industry today. And keep reading below for a brief summary of some of the latest AI topics the Shoppimon community is taking about.

Interested to learn more about Chatbots and how they use machine learning and natural language processing to engage with customers and help online stores grow their businesses? Check out the post to find out.

We also took a look at both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies and saw examples of how leading retailers are successfully combining these with AI to significantly improve shopping experiences and increase conversion rates.

Shoppimon and Artificial Intelligence

As Roy explained in the video, Shoppimon uses artificial intelligence to help our merchants make sure their websites are functioning correctly. This is done using AI which monitors and interact with online stores just like a human would. They then report any issues that a customer may experience when browsing, or when trying to make a purchase. The monitoring is 24/7 so any issues that occur will be reported immediately. Shoppimon also gives this information in plain English so that all members of your eCommerce store can understand it and get started on resolving the problem.

For more information about Shoppimon and how we can help your store reach out to us via our chatbot now which should be located at the bottom right of the screen.

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Simon Ironmonger

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