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Not Your Typical Startup Story

This is what happens when four performance monitoring veterans realize that the industry’s got it all wrong

About Shoppimon

Shoppimon was founded by a team of APM veterans, who understood that it’s impossible to quickly and easily draw insights from monitoring solutions today. Tools available require extensive setup and ongoing manual upkeep, just to produce mounds of data that only make sense to those with highly technical backgrounds.

But everyone involved in an online store’s success, from marketing to IT, needs to know about and understand when eCommerce issues strike, raising questions like, “What’s wrong?”, “What’s the impact on revenues?,” and “How can this be fixed?”

Shoppimon provides the answers to these questions and more, through automation that humanizes and connects application monitoring to business intelligence.

Making data, and more importantly the insights required to understand online store health and performance available to every team member who needs it.

With zero setup, integration and maintenance time, Shoppimon codes itself to follow the unique workflows shoppers take on their path to making a purchase. By behaving just like a 24/7 secret shopper, Shoppimon ensures all eCommerce stakeholders understand when problems arise, what caused them and what it will take to fix them, in plain and simple English.

Shoppimon. Because we’ve all got issues…

We're here to help you answer one simple question. "Is My Business Really Open for Business?"

You don't need alerts for every store issue. So Shoppimon notifies you only about the ones that matter.

Shoppimon offers the only monitoring solution available, with zero setup and zero integration neccessary.

eCommerce businesses are unique. So we've built our monitoring technology to understand their needs.

We're a team that's into pushing the boundaries of our technology and knowledge. Sound like a place you'd like to be?


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