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Not Your Typical Startup Story

This is what happens when four performance monitoring veterans realize that the industry’s got it all wrong

About Shoppimon

Shoppimon was dreamt up by a team of veterans from the application performance management (APM) industry. With decades of combined experience, they were in the unique position to understand that app monitoring simply wasn’t what businesses needed. They noticed that traditional monitoring tools created what we’ve come to call the “Business-IT Gap,” where copious amounts of heavily technical site information is rendered in an effort to answer a simple business question: “Is my business really open for business?” So, Shoppimon was created to answer that question, by doing away with monitoring websites, and introducing the ability to monitor businesses. We’ve built our first solution for Magento stores, and it’s a doozy. Keep watching for more powerful business monitoring solutions, coming soon!

We're here to help you answer one simple question. "Is My Business Really Open for Business?"

You don't need alerts for every store issue. So Shoppimon notifies you only about the ones that matter.

Shoppimon offers the only monitoring solution available, with zero setup and zero integration neccessary.

eCommerce businesses are unique. So we've built our monitoring technology to understand their needs.

We're a team that's into pushing the boundaries of our technology and knowledge. Sound like a place you'd like to be?


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