What's Stopping Your Customers from Buying?

From missing images, to website slowdowns or a broken checkout process, don't let any issue stop shoppers from completing a purchase

It’s Time to Demystify Online Business Performance

Traditional monitoring technology focuses on your store’s technical bits and bites, but at Shoppimon we’ll clearly and quickly alert you to any issues that may stop your customers from shopping

Know If Your Business is Open 24/7

Rest assured that you will immediately know about any issue facing your store, with alerts that go straight to your phone through email or Slack.

Find Out How You Stack Up Against the Competition

Is your business performance lagging behind your competitors'? We’ll help you answer that question with key industry benchmarks and comparisons.

Identify Performance Trends Over Time

Unfortunately when your business is booming performance is more likely to suffer, meaning lost potential sales and customers. With Shoppimon, identify key performance trends over time so you're prepared when it matters most.

Learn How Store Issues Impact Your Success

Knowing there is a problem with your store is important, but you need to know how that issue impacts your bottom line. With insight reports, you’ll see how these problems directly correlate with revenues and sales.

Zero Setup & Zero Integration

Just enter your URL, and Shoppimon will immediately begin to monitor your store. It’s that easy.

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