VAIMO Doubles Site Speed with eCommerce Monitoring Tech from Shoppimon

July 21, 2016

When Vaimo realized they weren’t able to identify critical problems on their clients’ eCommerce sites quickly enough, they searched for a solution. Looking to identify and resolve any issues that occurred in their clients’ online stores, fast, the Vaimo team reached out to Shoppimon to help do just that.

After getting started with Shoppimon, the Vaimo team was able to discover and respond to problems far quicker than before, with clients reporting improved site performance and load time. And while their customers enjoyed a boost in performance, Vaimo now had a way to clearly show the impact their work had on eCommerce sites or explain why a fix needed to happen, leading to increased business and satisfied customers.


In order to stay on top of their clients’ monitoring needs, the Vaimo team typically ran a series of manual checks. This solution was very time consuming and at times, despite these detailed processes, customers would find and report issues before they were discovered and fixed by the team at Vaimo.

Vaimo wanted to find an alternative solution that would:

  • Allow them to find site issues before they were found by clients
  • Cut the time & resources required to resolve problems
  • Clearly display the impact of site issues and their team’s work on clients’ stores

“Since we started using Shoppimon to monitor the sites of several of our clients, we have been able to produce some great results. We would definitely recommend Shoppimon to merchants running their websites on the Magento platform.” – Brendan Peo, Chief Operating Officer at Vaimo

The Shoppimon Solution

With no required integration, Vaimo was able to quickly deploy Shoppimon technology across numerous Magento stores. Within moments the team began receiving real-time alerts on issues ranging from site downtime to minor performance issues. And unlike with other monitoring technologies, Shoppimon helped them see how those issues appear and impact the end user, so that they could immediately address any important problems, before they had an effect on their customers’ business.

The Results

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 5.51.25 PM

With Shoppimon Technology Vaimo generated powerful performance improvements for their clients’ eCommerce sites. They were also able t use Shoppimon provided data and insights to show their clients that improvement over time, and how each store’s performance compared to industry trends.

For one such Vaimo client, the full user journey (the average time required to complete six critical steps in a user’s path to purchase) more than halved from nearly 25 seconds to under 11.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 5.50.56 PM